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I Understand.

Certified Coach, Musician, Coffee Enthusiast, Jesus-Follower

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Hi, I’m Sawyer! I am a Certified Life Coach through Your Enneagram Coach, LLC, in addition to being a Music Director, Teacher, and Performer (I currently hold two Masters of Music... Music is my lifeblood and preferred means of communication). I enjoy visiting niche coffee shops, hiking on the beautiful Pennsylvania terrain, and spending time with any of my seven siblings or nine nieces and nephews (yeah... it gets loud...)

I understand the pain of living in shame, anxiety, and resentment. For a decade and a half, anxiety and addictive behaviors gripped my life. Through the ministry of the Holy Spirit and a couple of my dear friends, I began to find freedom from the habits that controlled me. However, it wasn’t until the Enneagram came into my life that hidden motivations behind my behaviors truly came to light. When they did, it was painful. It hurt. I was embarrassed and humiliated, and frankly I just wanted to cry and hide. But I pressed in. And friend, what a difference that made. As I continued to study, read, and pray, I began to experience an enlightenment of my inner world. I still have a long way to go (who doesn’t?) but I have begun tasting the freedom in life and intimacy in relationships I have always longed for and already have helped dozens experience the same.

Pain will surely come, friend. And some of you reading this may be in the midst of unbearable pain presently. So let me help you. If we use the Enneagram together, I promise we can get you un-stuck so that you can enjoy freedom in life and true intimacy in relationships.

About Me: About Me
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